Media Partners

Spreading the word about Australia's Healthy Weight Week

Media Partners

Thanks to the generosity of our media partners, we can raise awareness of healthy eating in the community and encourage people to get the personalised nutrition advice and healthcare they need to manage their weight and live healthier lives.

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NextMedia are proud media sponsors of Australia’s Healthy Weight Week. NextMedia’s publications Healthy Food Guide, Inside Sport, Yen, Shape, Gardening Australia and Australian Mountain Biking all endorse the Dietitians Association of Australia, support Accredited Practising Dietitians and are actively promoting Australia’s Healthy Weight Week to their readers and social media followers. In addition, Australian Healthy Food Guide is the only food and lifestyle magazine with a permanent Accredited Practising Dietitian on staff.  All of the recipes are nutritionally balanced and dietitian-approved – so every meal you cook from Australian Healthy Food Guide makes a positive contribution to your health.