Our Ambassadors

Supporting Australia's Healthy Weight Week

We are delighted to have the generous support our ambassadors for Australia’s Healthy Weight Week.

Professor Clare Collins APD FDAA


Clare Collins is a Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics in the School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health and Medicine and Co-Director of the Priority Research Centre in Physical Activity and Nutrition at the University of Newcastle. Professor Collins has published more than 180 scientific papers. Her research largely focuses on improving dietary intake across all stages of life and in the context of preventing chronic medical conditions. Clare was one of the team leaders that conducted the systematic literature reviews, as part of the 2013 revision of the Australian Dietary Guidelines. She has also been instrumental in developing and later updating practice guidelines for dietitians to help manage overweight and obesity in Australia. She has extensive experience working with the media, and is a well-respected commentator on nutrition. Clare has been a DAA Media Spokesperson since 1999, and has been involved in more than 1,000 media interviews to date. She is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and a Fellow of the Dietitians Association of Australia. Clare has co-authored five books on weight loss. She has been a nutrition consultant to Shine Australia for the TV series So You Think You Can Dance, The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser.

Sprout Cooking


Sprout is proud to support Australia’s Healthy Weight Week. Sprout is a hands-on, totally interactive healthy cooking school, run by Accredited Practising Dietitian Themis Chryssidis and celebrity cook Callum Hann. Sprout’s state-of-the-art kitchen is located just 3km west of the Adelaide CBD, in Hilton, South Australia.

Accredited Practising Dietitian Themis Chryssidis together with celebrity cook Callum Hann
Accredited Practising Dietitian Themis Chryssidis together with celebrity cook Callum Hann

At Sprout, we teach you how to cook in a fun and non-intimidating environment in classes that are tailored for you, your life and your health. Unlike most cooking classes which base their classes around a particular cuisine or style of cooking, we base ours around you and your needs. All recipes are nutritionally balanced, use seasonal ingredients and of course do not compromise on flavour!

Sprout is dedicated to inspiring people of all ages to get in the kitchen! We aim to increase everyone’s awareness of the relationship between food and health. So if you’re serious about your health then contact us or sign up to our mailing list today, because good health starts in the kitchen!

Dr Andrew Rochford


Registered Australian Medical Practitioner with Undergraduate Degree in Medical Science, Majoring in Anatomy and Neuroscience, Post Graduate degree from University of Sydney Medical School, Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery with Honours

– Has worked for all 3 Major Television networks as National Health & Medical Editor, currrently 7 Network Health Editor

– Trained in Emergency Medicine, Registrar Positions at major teaching Hospitals around Australia, including Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, and Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane

– National Ambassador Australian Red Cross

– Worked internationally in  Africa, US, and Nepal post-earthquake

– Special areas of interest, Preventative conditioning, Nutrition, Performance both physical and mental. and Trauma Work has been published in international journal Neurosurgery.