Thanks to our Corporate Partners for 2017

Supporting Australians to eat better and feel better

Meat & Livestock Australia


Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is proud to support Australia’s Healthy Weight Week. MLA is a producer-owned, not-for-profit organisation representing Australia’s cattle, sheep and goat industries. We support consumption of three to four healthy, balanced red meat meals per week in 100 to 200g portion sizes and limited to the recommended 650g/week (raw weight) consistent with Australian Dietary Guidelines. Australian-produced red meat such as beef and lamb are important, natural sources of iron, zinc and omega-3 in the Australian diet.  For tips on preparing healthy, balanced main meal, visit


CanPrint Logo - for Healthy Weight Week

CanPrint is proud to be supporting the printing and distribution of materials for AHWW events in 2017. CanPrint has over 50 years’ experience providing printed products. With the very latest in manufacturing and online technology systems we lead the way with secure quality offset and digital print, digital publishing solutions, graphic design, mailing, digital asset management, warehousing and distribution services for the public and private sector Australia-wide.

Australian Chicken Meat Federation


The Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) is the industry’s peak body representing chicken farmers and chicken meat processing companies. The ACMF provides information on issues of general interest or concern to all Australians about the industry, its practices and the benefits of enjoying chicken as part of a healthy diet.

The ACMF represents the industry at the national level in matters regarding international trade, quarantine, animal health, biosecurity, food standards, environmental issues, food safety, animal welfare and industry relevant research.

Australian Mushroom Growers

Mushrooms are the 3rd food kingdom, different to plants and animals. The mushroom kingdom has nutrition and eating properties very different to vegetables.

For example, when mushrooms are exposed to UV light or sunlight, they naturally generate vitamin D. This vitamin D is stable and easy to absorb.

Mushroom’s unique savoury flavour (“umami”) originates from their abundant glutamate content. Glutamate receptors in the mouth, stomach and intestines seem to have an appetite feedback role, which may explain why, when mushrooms are included in meals, people eat less food.

The CSIRO science review of mushrooms
The information on mushroom nutrition and health

McKenzie’s Foods


McKenzie’s Foods are one of the oldest Australian family owned and operated businesses and are proud to support Australia’s Healthy Weight Week. Through the campaign, they will support APDs by teaching consumers how to cook with legumes, starting with the chick pea recipe in Everyday Healthy. Follow McKenzie’s Foods on social media to see some more APD recipes throughout the week.



Xyris Software are Australian innovators in nutrition analytics for health and well-being. We are pleased to support Australia’s Healthy Weight Week.

For more than 20 years, Xyris has led the way in nutrition analysis solutions for dietitians and other nutrition professionals.

Our products include the leading software in Australia for dietary and recipe analysis, FoodWorks Professional. FoodWorks Professional is used widely in major Australian hospitals and universities, sports institutes, clinical settings, nutrition research, food service and recipe authoring.

We also empower everyday Australians to manage their own nutrition. Our free diet tracking app, Easy Diet Diary, is the most popular Australian-made calorie counter in the iPhone App Store, with over 1,000,000 downloads to date.

And we’re joining the dots, creating sophisticated technology to enhance the consultation process between nutrition professionals and their clients. Our goal is to support healthy weight loss and medical nutrition therapy with new technology. Part of this story is Easy Diet Diary CONNECT which complements Easy Diet Diary and allows real-time monitoring of clients’ diaries online.

Australian Almonds


The Almond Board of Australia is the peak body for Australia’s almond growers and marketers. The almond nutrition message focuses on the benefits of almonds as a sports recovery snack for adults and an after school snack for children. This message is developed by APDs for health professionals involved in providing nutrition advice.

The Dietitians Association of Australia offers tailored corporate partnerships for Australia’s Healthy Weight Week with commensurate recognition, exposure and public brand alignment opportunities. Find out more here.