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Get inspired with some of the fabulous events that have taken place around Australia during AHWW!

Need ideas for your event?

Healthy Weight Week is all about cooking at home, portions sizes and achieving a healthy weight, so feel free to be creative when it comes to events. As long as your event is free for participants and meets the AHWW Event Terms and Conditions you are good to go. If you are a little stuck for event ideas here is a short list:

  • Workplace activity e.g. staff morning tea
  • Stall displaying AHWW materials
  • Cooking demonstration
  • Food sampling or Portion Display
  • Morning tea / afternoon tea / lunch
  • Exercise activity e.g. walking or stretching class
  • Small group education activity

Take a look at these 2016 AHWW events for some inspiration!

AHWW Bundaberg

It was a jam packed week in Bundaberg, with extensive media coverage and interactive health promotion events. Starting with radio interviews on Hitz 93.9 and local Wide-Bay ABC radio, AHWW also featured in the Guardian midweek paper, and The Bundaberg Newsmail – the latter resulting in a 4-page spread!

General health promotion activities were held in Bundaberg’s main street, as well as at the Bundaberg Regional Council, who employ over 600 personnel.

To top it all off, a local Bundaberg chef from cooking school Kitchen Confidence held a Healthy Cooking Demonstration, dishing up zucchini and chicken patties.

Well done to APD Fiona Graham, and the team at Bundaberg!

Australias Healthy Weight Week


Compass Group Brisbane

In Brisbane, staff at Compass Group were offered a variety of activities, ranging from weekend adventure walks, to healthy smoothie demonstrations.

Yoga classes, boot camp, and a 4.5km jog were also on offer, as well as the ‘Wednesday Weigh in,’ an activity for those wanting to keep track of their weight and waist circumference measurements.

Finally, a photo competition was held across the state offices, encouraging employees to bring in home cooked meals for lunch, in line with the #cookingathome theme.

Healthy Lunch - australias healthy weight week

Mindful Eating and Healthy Cooking with Living Nutrition

APD Joey De Backer, with the help of three Nutrition and Dietetics students, put on unique, holistic based event for members in Merrick’s Beach.

Supported by a number of local businesses from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Joey demonstrated how to create a range of healthy recipes.  Attendees were also provided with nutrition resources, such as diet diaries and recipes.

Drawing on the expertise of other health care professionals, the event also featured talks from experts in fields such as yoga, personal training, and Chinese Medicine.

Attendees left the event feeling inspired and energised, well done Joey!

Healthy Weight Week

Mallee District Aboriginal Services

In previous years, MDAS has held AHWW events focused on the general community, but this year the focus was on staff.  Over three days, employees were involved in a ‘Hunger Games’ event, breaking into teams and competing against each other in challenges to win the ‘Hunger Games’ cup.

Day one began with a healthy taste test, based on the message ‘small swaps can lead to big drops.’ Day two allowed participants to put their knowledge into action, with the healthy chef cook-off.  Teams were challenged to modify a spaghetti bolognaise recipe, with the winning dish judged on taste, appearance, and nutritional content. The Hunger Games wrapped up with team sports on day three, with teams competing in a number of fun, active team relays.

The event was deemed so successful, the MDAS are already planning to hold the event again in 2017!

Australias Healthy Weight Week Challenge


Pius X Aboriginal Corporation and North West Nutrition

Hosted by North West Nutrition, cook-offs were the theme of AHWW amongst the Pius X Aboriginal Corporation.

The event was held over three days, the first of which focused on a cooking demonstration of five meals from the 2014/15 cookbook. According to Polly from North West Nutrition, the food was a hit, and the community enjoyed trying foods not usually seen on Moree dinner plates. Day two centred around a Masterchef-style cook off for mothers from support organisations, focusing on inexpensive family meals with plenty of vegetables. Finally, day three featured lunch with the Elders group, sharing a ‘white persons’ healthy version of chicken curry and apple crumble.

These events were so popular amongst the community, that Polly has expanded to cooking lessons with Clontaf boys, shopping tours, and outreach cooking classes.

Group photo australias healthy weight week


Eating for Good Health and Longevity with Pamela Holdsworth

Pamela Holdsworth held a healthy morning tea at Rivage Royale in Queensland, with the event centred around ‘Eating for good health and longevity.’

Discussions were based around the five food groups, and interesting facts on everyday superfoods for optimum health, such as garlic, yoghurt, and fish. All of this was accompanied by a shared morning tea, with prizes awarded for the healthiest and most creative plate.

Healthy Weight Week Event


Inglis Medical Centre

Judith Cahill held an interactive event at Inglis Medical Centre in Sale, sharing information on sugar in drinks. Using simple but effective messages, the stand featured interesting visuals of the sugar content of different drinks, and various resources were available for attendees.

Speaking on her first AHWW event, Judith remarked that next year will be ‘bigger and better’!

Healthy Weight Week 2016


For more inspiration, take a look at these past events from 2015