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#EatKit 2017 Currently Under Construction, check out 2016 details below

Australia’s Healthy Weight Week #EatKit Twitter Chat

Want to eat healthier, inspire others to cook healthy food, or get support from nutrition experts – then join DAA, Catherine Saxelby and Emma Stirling for our special AHWW #Eatkit Twitter conversation on Wednesday 17 February 2016, 8pm-9pm AEDST!

The AHWW #Eatkit Twitter chat brings together nutrition experts, foodies, cooks and health enthusiasts for an hour of healthy cooking inspiration.

Follow the Dietitians Association of Australia handle @DAA_feed, Catherine Saxelby @Foodwatch, Emma Stirling @EmmaStirling and hashtag your tweets with #AHWW.

We are thrilled to announce we will be joined by:

Sprout (AHWW supporters)

Clare Collins and Themis Chryssidis (APDs and AHWW Ambassadors)

Tim Crowe and Melanie McGrice (APDs)

Share these details with your contacts, or through your social media channels. And if you’re tweeting about AHWW, please include #AHWW.


  • When: Wednesday 17 February 2016, 8pm-9pm AEDST
  • Where: On Twitter. Follow the chat by searching #AHWW
  • Topic: Cooking at home | Choosing the right portions
  • Who can participate? Anyone! The Twitter chat will be inspiring for all people wanting to cook healthier meals, and choose the right portions in 2016. We also encourage nutrition experts, cooks, foodies and health enthusiasts to share their top tips.
  • Moderators: @DAA_feed, @Foodwatch and @EmmaStirling



A Twitter chat is a group of people on Twitter who use a specific hashtag (we will be using #AHWW) to generate an online conversation. @Foodwatch will be tweeting four questions throughout the hour. For example,

‘Q1. What are your best healthy home cooking tips? #AHWW’

To respond to a question, use ‘A1.’ prior to your comment – and remember to include #AHWW in your Tweet. For example,

‘A1. Choose vegetables that are in season. #AHWW’

You can type #AHWW in the Twitter search to follow all the Tweets. However, some chats generate so many tweets that it is difficult to capture them all on Twitter. Many people who regularly attend chats prefer sites such as, which help to capture more of the action. You can still use these sites to Tweet and re-Tweet.

For more information, please see our Twitter chat cheat sheet and our GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE AHWW TWITTER CHAT


  • Australia’s Healthy Weight Week (AHWW) and the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) do not endorse any brands or products mentioned during the chat. For information on AHWW sponsors, visit our Corporate Partners page.
  • The general health and nutrition advice provided in the chat should not replace individual health and nutrition advice from an Accredited Practising Dietitian or other health professionals.


The Australia’s Healthy Weight Week social media moderator(s) will:

  • Delete spam or comments that are off-topic, offensive, untruthful, libellous, threatening, discriminatory or demeaning.
  • Reply to comments or posts when appropriate, but cannot reply to all comments or posts.


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  • It is your responsibility to keep contributions professional and respectful.
  • The information posted by individuals or groups external to DAA represents the opinion of the participants and not necessarily the opinion of DAA.
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